The Basics

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Buy it

All bangers talking part in the rally must cost £250.00 or less. Now, if you've done one too many swan dives into the shallow end of the gene pool, then that means that a car costing £252.50 is too good for the rally! Bangers with P registrations (01-08-1996) or younger will not qualify for prize money. The true challenge is against your own car - not the other teams. Embrace the spirit of the event, rise to the challenge and push your ton of tin till it hurts. Click here for further explanation of this point.

Paint it

Keep it clean! When decorating your banger make sure your Grandmother would approve. Bangers which are deemed offensive or inappropriate will not be allowed to participate in the rally. If you are in any doubt - contact us before hand. No Chop Tops. This means that you may not remove the roof of your banger. Cars which were manufactured as convertibles are ok but you may not modify a standard vehicle by removing or tampering with the roof. Please read the following Theme and Decoration Guidelines.

Drive it

It's NOT a race! Anybody who thinks it is a race will be booted off the rally. Drive safely - No points will be awarded for completing any stage of the rally in the shortest time. All bangers must carry the relevant safety equipment required by the countries you intend visiting. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the foreign regulations. Teams must consist of not less than 2 members and not more than 5 members. (A limited number of 5 member teams are available on each event.) Each team must have at least 2 licensed drivers.

Scrap it

Don't abandon your banger! Banger's which are not returning to the UK must be scrapped or disposed of in any other legal fashion. The rally organisers will co-operate with any authority wishing to trace the owner of any abandoned vehicle. You will need your V5 to scrap your car so keep it safe during the rally. It is completely your responsibility to get shot of your banger although the organisers will arrange for bangers to be collected from a designated location at the end of the rally if possible.

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